Zero-Search-Time Computer Documentation (Stone Serif)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: You say that you guarantee less than 25-second look-up time per user task. What's so significant about that? I can usually find and click an icon on my screen in much less than 25 seconds.

Answer: But that assumes that you know which icon(s) to click in order to accomplish the task you want! Our 25-second figure refers to the maximum amount of time spent searching for the instructions for a task. How much time did you spend searching for instructions on, say, transferring a file on the Net the first time you had to perform that task? How much did you spend searching for instructions on placing a bullet at a specific place in a word processor text the first time you had to do this? Or associating an icon with an application, or finding what port your modem is connected to? This time is what we are guaranteeing to reduce to less than 25 seconds.

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