Zero-Search-Time Computer Documentation (Stone Serif)
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How to Create Zero-Search-Time
Computer Documentation
On the following pages is an updated online copy of Peter Schorer's book How to Create Zero-Search-Time Computer Documentation. Copies of the original version are available via The book describes in detail the method of designing ZST documentation, i.e., of designing ZST "Environments."* It emphasizes that this new approach to documentation is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You can begin by simply implementing a ZST index, which in itself will vastly improve the speed at which your users will be able to find the information they want.

The book shows how to think about the technical writing task as being one of determining the objects or "things" in a software system upon which operations—tasks—are performed by users. Tasks are then broken down into sub-tasks, etc.

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* William Curtis' How to Improve Your Math Grades is a generalization of Zero-Search-Time principles.

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