Zero-Search-Time Computer Documentation (Stone Serif)
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About Zero-Search-Time
Computer Documentation

Most users of documentation complain about the difficulty of finding information fast. Users are forced to do tedious searches, or learn through trial-and-error, or make costly calls to Support. A conservative estimate of the cost that computer users are wasting annually on these efforts is $5 billion, calculated as follows:

1. There are more than 50 million PCs in the U.S. today.
2. Assume 2 person-hours average unnecessary searching for information
    per year per PC.
3. Assume average user's time is worth $10 an hour.
4. This means $1 billion/year unnecessary expense for PC users alone.
5. Taking into account all computers, and using the more realistic figure
    of $20 an hour for users' time, $5 billion per year is still a conservative estimate.


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